#Humans of Sudo: Meet the Sudo Team

#Humans of Sudo: Meet the Sudo Team

At Sudo, we believe that behind every successful company is a team of talented and diverse individuals, and that is exactly what you'll find in our team of 26 unique individuals working across our offices in Abuja, Lagos, and Kaduna. We are a group of people working together to drive innovation and growth in the card-issuing industry.

Meet Our Founders: Aminu Bakori and Kabir Shittu

The Sudo journey began in 2017 when Aminu Bakori and Kabir Shittu developed Payant, an app that enabled Nigerian freelancers to receive payments globally. In response to consumer demands, they developed the Dot application that allowed users to link all their bank accounts into a single app and have one card to use across the accounts. However, the biggest challenge was issuing the card. So, in 2020, they built an infrastructure for businesses in Africa to issue cards regardless of their main product or service.

Our Engineering Team: The Masterminds Behind Our Products

Headed by Aminu Bakori, our engineering team is responsible for designing, developing, and maintaining Sudo's products, including Root by Sudo, Sudo Dashboard, and Sudo API. The team comprises of our product designers, backend engineers, frontend engineers and full stack web developers, all working together to ensure that our products are reliable, scalable and secure.

Our Operations Team: The Efficient Workforce That Keeps Things Running

Kabir Shittu oversees the day-to-day operations and manages the operations team at Sudo. The operations team plays a crucial role in the success of our business, handling critical areas such as finance management, legal/compliance and card production. This team is made up of hardworking individuals who are passionate about maintaining a high level of excellence at the core of our service.

Our Sales Team: The Team That Brings in the Business

Our sales team is responsible for onboarding and managing customer accounts. They are at the forefront of building and nurturing long lasting relationships with our clients  as well as driving new business opportunities. Our sales and business development team work tirelessly to identify business challenges for our clients and leverage our technology to solve them. This is one of the driving forces for our success at Sudo Africa.

Our Brand and Marketing Team: The Team That Tells Our Story

The brand and marketing team drives our business forward with a focus on creating our brand’s visual identity, telling our growth story and building a reputation that makes us stand out in the industry. This team is comprised of our marketing, design, content and customer experience officers respectively. The customer experience officers ensure our customers are happy and satisfied with our products and services. They respond to all enquiries and provide support to new and existing customers.

Our People Team: The Team That Takes Care of Our People

The human resource team is responsible for employee welfare and interactions at Sudo. The team also oversees daily administration of the office with the support of our administrative officers at the Lagos and Abuja offices.

At Sudo, we value diverse viewpoints and backgrounds because we believe they produce better ideas and results. We are dedicated to fostering a welcoming and inclusive workplace where everyone feels appreciated and respected. We are proud of our team and believe that their hard work and dedication are the driving force behind our success. From an idea to an amazing team driving the biggest card-issuing business in the African fintech space, we couldn't be prouder of our Sudo family.

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To get started on Sudo as a business, visit our website here. If you’re an individual looking for a virtual card for online payments or a physical card for ATM and POS payments, download our mobile app, Root by Sudo on the iOS App Store here or Google Play Store here.