Introducing Sudo Africa: A Modern Card Issuing Platform for Africa

Introducing Sudo Africa: A Modern Card Issuing Platform for Africa
“Each year, technology makes the world more complex for people to understand. So, easy-to-use services for consumers are in particularly great demand” - Alex Kreger

Over the past couple of years, the financial services industry in Africa has experienced a steady increase in the number of launched payment solutions. However, card issuance has remained a bottleneck for founders who want to issue virtual or physical NGN or USD cards either as an add-on product for their existing customers or a standalone product for new market entrants. The big question is “how do we start issuing these cards?”

Sudo is the answer.

At Sudo Africa, we provide organisations, institutions and individuals with the infrastructure to issue both physical and virtual NGN and USD programmable cards. Our infrastructure can be accessed via an open API for technical customers, or via our dashboard for non-technical customers.

What Does a Programmable Card Mean?

Sudo is a word mark that stands for “Super User Do”. In computer programs, superuser accounts have virtually unlimited privileges or ownership over a system. This is the essential attribute that underlies our commitment to giving our users superpowers over their issued cards. Sudo gives the user the power to customize and determine the vector controls of their cards in the following ways;

1. Spend Limit

Sudo allows users to set control to how much an issued card can be billed over a set period of time such as yearly, monthly, weekly, daily or per transaction limits.

2. Spend Channel

Restricting or allowing spending channels for each card is another programmable feature that Sudo gives users control over. Users can choose to restrict or allow their card to be used on either POS, ATM and WEB, or a combination of the channels.

3. Geographical Control

Sudo allows users to restrict the geographical area where their card can be used. For example, a user can set their card to only authorize transactions in Lagos, Kaduna, and Abuja or any other location combination of their choice.

4. Business and Industry Specific Control

Sudo’s infrastructure gives users the ability to restrict or allow specific businesses and industries where transactions on issued cards can be authorized. E.g. Users can set a card to only authorize transactions from the Aviation Industry and from specific airlines or specific restaurants.

5. Co-branding of Physical Cards

Users can issue co-branded customized cards that reflect their unique brand identity, including their logo, color, name, etc.

To get started on Sudo as a business, visit our website here. If you’re an individual that wants to have a virtual card for online payments or physical card for ATM and POS payments, download our mobile app, Root by Sudo on the iOS App Store here or Google Play Store here.

Finally, whenever you hear the phrase “programmable cards”, Sudo should instantly come to your mind.